The Team Ops playbook for distributed work

We've lived every level of middle management, read all the books, heard from countless managers. More important than any management philosophy or work location, highly effective managers prioritize four fundamental activities with their teams.

The 4 Principles

It's time to rethink 'how' we work

The basics are simple. The discipline is hard. Trelliswork makes it easy.

meeting agenda rule
Principle #1

Agendas, always

Harness the power of agendas to set expectations and clarify purpose. When you're prepared, you're more efficient and can accomplish more in the time you spend with your team.

Culture takes work

Culture doesn’t just “happen” - it takes work, and it's part of the job. Cultivate team culture by integrating more than status updates into your team's everyday. Mix it up, listen more, and make showing up actually feel good.
never skip 1:1s rule
meeting agenda rule

Never skip 1:1s

Prioritize regular 1:1s with your direct reports. 1:1s establish a trusted space for individual feedback, alignment, and open conversation. This is where you listen, coach, and show that you care. Skipping sends the opposite message.

Share your work

Foster transparency and accountability by capturing team decisions, action items, and discussion topics. Documenting does more than simply 'writing it down' - it promotes thinking and helps everyone connect the dots.
never skip 1:1s rule

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