Scrum Team Standup

This one’s a classic. Get your scrum team together and start the day right.


Meeting Agenda


What did you do yesterday? What are you focused on today? What if anything is blocking you from achieving your sprint goals?

Parking Lot

Add new agenda items below that come up to be discussed by only the relevant folks after the team completes their updates.


You know the drill. Keep the updates tight, then use the extra time to identify and triage parking lot items.


Tight alignment on where each team member’s efforts are and what’s on tap for today.

next steps

Ready to run a high-performing team?

I start everyday with two tabs open and one of them is Trelliswork. I love that it lets me document decisions and when I need to reference something we decided last week, it's right there.
– Product Manager
...everybody can contribute, and everybody can be in there together. And then you've got transparency into what you talked about and what needs to get bubbled up.
– Director of Product
We've been working in Google Docs and Spreadsheets for so long, but I really like being able to see and plan my agendas all in one spot, because it's usually just all over the place ... or nowhere.
– Global Operations Manager