Weekly Design Team Meeting

Weekly check-in and level up for a design team. For either distributed or centralized teams it’s worth taking time to come together and share status and skills across the team.

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Meeting Agenda

This Week's Topic

Meeting Lead either schedules a speaker from the group or provides the main topic. Focus on leveling up the group or grappling with recent topics facing the group.

Project Check-Up

Everyone updates the state of their projects and any further help the team could provide, note action items or break out discussions as needed.

Design Tips

Did anyone come across any small design tips or new design tool features this week?

Review Action Items and Schedule Follow Ups

Make sure to capture your follow up meetings and key action items.


The meeting lead should be ready to curate speakers and topics each week for this one. Making sure to bring in a diversity of thinkers and topics. These can range from the very serious to the light-hearted and from teammates to folks outside of the team or even the company.


Teammates should leave this session feeling their project status heard and supported and full of new approaches to problem solving and tactical know-how.

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Ready to run a high-performing team?

I start everyday with two tabs open and one of them is Trelliswork. I love that it lets me document decisions and when I need to reference something we decided last week, it's right there.
– Product Manager
...everybody can contribute, and everybody can be in there together. And then you've got transparency into what you talked about and what needs to get bubbled up.
– Director of Product
We've been working in Google Docs and Spreadsheets for so long, but I really like being able to see and plan my agendas all in one spot, because it's usually just all over the place ... or nowhere.
– Global Operations Manager