Bring Your Team's Favorite Tools Into Your Next Trelliswork Meeting

Now you can bring the tools your team uses to do your work into your next Trelliswork meeting. Get all of the structure and context you know from Trelliswork while still using the specific tools you need.
August 23, 2023
Ben Parkison

As we’ve built more and more features into Trelliswork the power of adding structure and context for managers running team meetings and 1:1s has become clear. And while Trelliswork provides a critical orchestration and collaboration layer for managers and their teams, the truth is a given team still needs to use the specific tools they need to do their job.

Think Figma or Miro for a design team. Jira and GitHub for an engineering team. Even Hubspot for a sales team, or Google Docs for, well, everyone. Every team will have a toolbelt of specific apps they use to do the work, and all of that work still needs to fit into structured, collaborative time together.

We’re making that possible in Trelliswork. Now, a manager and team member can attach a link for any tool their team uses to a meeting activity. Then, when you get to that activity in your next agenda, simply click “Viewer” to bring that tool directly into the Trelliswork experience. With multiple activities, you can embed multiple tools into a single meeting or process.

Use this to streamline how you orchestrate multiple apps into a single meeting, making sure that your time together isn’t spent bouncing from one tool to the next, but is a planned, structured, and documented process.

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