Trelliswork is a better way to run your team

Meet the new standard for distributed team operations. Streamline meetings, 1:1s and accountability, wherever work happens.

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Gain focus

Structure your agendas and workflows to maintain focus and efficiency

Drive alignment

Get everyone on the same page to keep progress moving in the right direction

Stay accountable

Capture the details and keep next steps from falling through the cracks
I start everyday with two tabs open and one of them is Trelliswork. I love that it lets me document decisions and when I need to reference something we decided last week, it's right there.
– Product Manager
...everybody can contribute, and everybody can be in there together. And then you've got transparency into what you talked about and what needs to get bubbled up.
– Director of Product
We've been working in Google Docs and Spreadsheets for so long, but I really like being able to see and plan my agendas all in one spot, because it's usually just all over the place ... or nowhere.
– Global Operations Manager
The space for high-performing teams

All your team operations, all in one place

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Agreements & Process

Build your team rhythms

"So, how do we work around here?" Don't leave it to chance. Structure your team rhythms, document team-level agreements, and clarify purpose to foster culture and engagement.
Team Meetings

Be better when you're together

Prepare for the time your teams spend together and use it more effectively. Plan collaborative agendas, get everyone engaged, and raise the bar for meeting expectations.
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One on Ones

Make 1:1s first class

Prioritize regular 1:1s with your team and give them the attention they deserve so you can build trust and connect on more than status updates.
Next Steps

Keep everyone in the loop

Simplify accountability by capturing team decisions, action items, and discussions in a space designed to promote transparency and sharing.
never skip 1:1s rule

Consolidate focus, stay in your flow

Got apps? Bring the tools you already use to the space designed to keep everyday priorities, decisions, and accountability from falling through the cracks
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works with miro
works with google docs
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works with dropbox
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Because managers need great tools too

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Team Meetings

Run a better team meeting with tools to facilitate engagement and progress.
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Async Agendas

Plan and share before every meeting with an agenda that finally makes it easy.
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One on ones

Hold regular 1:1s with your team in the same space you keep it all aligned.
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Meeting Templates

Get organized, fast, with ready-made templates for team meetings and 1:1s.


Mix it up. Have some fun. Roll the dice. All in one click!
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Give everyone a chance to speak and stop asking "who's turn is it?"


Your next weekly team meeting is just the start