Feature Update: Automatic Org Invitation, Archiving & Due Dates

Ben Parkison
Ben Parkison
April 13, 2023
Feature Update: Automatic Org Invitation, Archiving & Due Dates

We’re making it easier to get your team members into your org, and then easier to manage them and your teams once they’re all there!

Automatic Org Invitation - Now, for any organization where you’re an admin, go to the Org Settings page to set your organization as discoverable and to specify what email domains may discover your org. Then, when any new user creates an account using an email with that domain, they will automatically be presented with an option to join your organization directly. From there, you can add them to whatever teams they’re a part of.

Archiving Teams - Teams can now be archived and unarchived, to accommodate teams that are temporary, teams that return after hiatus, or any other unique situation. As always you can archive the team directly from the Team's menu. Archived teams are then reviewable and un-archivable from the Team Settings Page.

Action Item Due Dates - You can now add expected due dates to any new or existing action item, directly from the edit action item view. Due dates are used to sort the action items for now, with more features to come!

Also, there’s a big update to how settings work across the board. Click on “Org” from the primary navigation to manage your teams, people, and administrators.

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