Feature Update: Meeting Leads, Follow, New Words… Oh, Also Polls.

Ben Parkison
Ben Parkison
March 24, 2023
Feature Update: Meeting Leads, Follow, New Words… Oh, Also Polls.

We had a few of our favorite recent efforts all piled up into our latest update. Here we go!

Follow in Live Sessions - Now that we can see session attendees, this one was waiting to happen. Now, in any live session, click on any of the other attendees to follow them. Following another attendee will mean that your view will reflect the topics that they’re navigating to. To stop following, either click “Stop Following” at the top of the session or just go to do any other action (navigate to another topic, leave a note). Updating or adding action items won’t stop you from following, so feel free to multitask!

Meeting Leader - As part of meeting sessions, you can now assign a meeting leader. This one’s great just to make sure everyone’s on the same page on the plan for a given session, and also can let you know who to follow (see above!).

Polls - Next time you’re planning an agenda, you’ll notice a new activity to add: Polls! A Poll can be one time or recurring, and will be visible for all team members. We’re making these specific to the live session experience, so polls are meant to be run in your meetings. You’ll find some options for recording your results in the comments, resetting, and re-running polls.

Language Update Across the App - The app got a big language update. A big thanks to all of our users that have, over the past few months, helped us understand what concepts were landing and what concepts were causing confusion. This update is the result of that feedback, and should make the app even more intuitive and clear for users new and seasoned. You’ll see updates everywhere, but notably we’re leaning into meetings and agendas as our big items, with “Sessions” being any single instance of a recurring meeting.

We’ll be adding to all of these features in the coming weeks, and we’re looking forward to seeing how they get used!

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