Feature Update: Snooze Activities & Improved Settings for Admins

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April 20, 2023
Ben Parkison

Your team meetings get a lot better this week with the ability to snooze your planned activities, and organization administrators can now better manage their organization’s members and teams!

Snooze Activities - Often there’s an activity on your agenda that the team needs to address, but you don’t plan to get to in the next session of that meeting. Now, just snooze that activity to skip it for the next meeting (or any number of next meetings!) and have it come back automatically when you’re ready.

Org Admin and Settings - Now you can have finer grain control over how your organization operates in Trelliswork. Organization administrators (which include organization creators by default) can now use the improved Org Settings page to manage discoverability of the organization to new users, manage org members and other admins, and manage current and archived teams.

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