Feature Update: Updated Action Items, Session Attendees, Private Teams and more!

Mike Nash
Mike Nash
March 16, 2023
Feature Update: Updated Action Items, Session Attendees, Private Teams and more!

We’ve shipped a lot of new features this month, let’s take a quick look at what’s new in Trelliswork!

Action Items Across Meetings - Action items within team meetings have been a thing since day one. Now, you can have your action items show up in any number of meetings across the teams that you’re a part of. If you have a new action item that pops up in a 1:1 that also needs visibility in a weekly team sync and a manager meeting, you can make sure its status shows up when each of those sessions happens.

Seeing Team Members in Sessions - The next time you run a session, check out the bottom left side of the screen. Any team members present will show up there, giving everyone the ability to know who’s following along in a live session.

Live Session Notifications - And speaking of, if you’re NOT in a live session you’re supposed to  be in, Trelliswork will now let you know. For any live session on your teams, you’ll receive a notification across the app letting you know that a meeting's happening and a quick link to get there.

Meeting Links - Drop the link to your virtual meeting tool of choice (Zoom, Teams, Meet…) into your next session by adding it in the meeting settings page. This one makes it easy to start your next session in Trelliswork and be one less click away from seeing your team’s smiling faces.

Private Teams - Any team member can now make a team private from the team settings menu. Doing so will hide that team and all of its contents from the view of anyone that is not a part of that team. For leadership teams, finance, HR, and more this makes a private team space for collaborating on sensitive info.

Next time you run a live meeting let us know what you think! These features are setting the foundation for more cross team collaboration and live session features to come.

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