How-To Create a Strong Team Culture

Ben Parkison
Ben Parkison
May 17, 2023
How-To Create a Strong Team Culture

Culture cultivation has been a hot topic in the business world, but what’s the deal beyond improving revenue and retention? Consider how we spend about 25-35% of a year at work -- that’s a sizable chunk of time we’re performing amid our colleagues! It’s pertinent that that time is dedicated to an environment where people feel safe, encouraged, and respected. Let’s look at some proven ways team leaders can champion alignment and connection: 

  • Lead by company values and mission: Team culture is built upon the framework of a company’s ethos. A clearly defined -- and stated -- set of values and purpose fosters an understanding for everyone involved about what is at stake and how to operate.
  • Develop the right rituals that fit: Forget about uninventive “Share a fun fact!” exercises at morning stand-ups. Today’s savvy workforce is not swayed by empty platitudes. Put real intention behind team connection moments which reflect those company ethos.
  • Provide clear communication channels: We’re big fans of communication here at Trelliswork -- it’s a major part of our “why!” Explore what apps and tools, like ours, you can implement to not only encourage feedback but ask for it. Embrace constructive transparency to build trust.  
  • Give recognition where it’s due: And not just at quarterly or annual reviews either. 
  • Learn a new thing every day: This timeless advice is not only valuable for keeping an active mind, it’s also an ace way to keep team members engaged. Employees will feel more respected and motivated if they’re actively given the means to grow and develop. 
  • Value and recognize differences: Employees are not one-size-fits-all, especially with Gen Z entering the job market as the most diverse U.S. generation yet! Embrace what makes each team member who they are and seek out ways to lean in, not tune out. 
  • Don't neglect remote workers:  Company culture by no means should be confined within office walls. With remote work now here to stay, managers need to think outside the cubicle box (and Zoom window) for ways to export their culture to the remote desk. 

Embrace work-life balance: On the topic of remote work, part of the modern career landscape is recognizing the workplace isn’t the only place. It may seem counterintuitive to consider an employee’s outside life when building team culture, yet what happens during their time off has a direct impact on what they’re bringing to your shared table.

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