Icebreakers: Creating Time For Fun, Sharing, and Creativity With Your Team

Ben Parkison
Ben Parkison
June 8, 2023
Icebreakers: Creating Time For Fun, Sharing, and Creativity With Your Team

Icebreakers are something that everyone knows about but few people use well. And the truth is, it takes a little work, and maybe courage, to be the one to say “Why don’t we take a second and do something a little fun?”

Good managers know the power of leading the way and intentionally making that little space for a team to be itself and connect. It’s the little things that, day-after-day and week-after-week, become favorite rituals for teams.

And what’s the easiest place to start? Icebreakers. Clear your team’s mind at the top of a meeting agenda. Break up a heavy agenda with a little bit of fun. Make a ritual out of a weekly “get to know you” prompt. Whatever it might be, this is the simple tool that opens the door for team culture and connection, not to mention more focused and present team meetings.

In Trelliswork Icebreakers are yet another tool in your manager toolbelt, flexible and adaptable to fit your team’s needs and the needs of any specific meeting. Trelliswork lets you tailor your icebreaker for the crowd and make sure everyone gets to go with Roundtable. It can be a planned activity for one meeting and an ad-hoc “Let’s take a break” one-time activity in the next.

Use Icebreakers to start build your team’s culture, bring out every voice, and make your meetings more collaborative and focused.

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