7 Myths about Being a Manager

Managers are often misunderstood, and there are many myths about their role. Learn the truth behind some common misconceptions and become a better leader.
March 9, 2023
Rachel LeBlanc

Managers are integral to every organization, the leaders inspiring teams toward their best work. So why is there so much misunderstanding around their role? Often, because someone was promoted due to their exceptionality, it’s then assumed they don’t need management training. This leads to some very unfortunate myths we’re on a mission to end: 

Myth: Team Management = Work Management

Truth: If your true focus is on building an awesome team, no hovering is required. Enable, develop, and align instead -- an empowered team is an accomplished team.

Myth: Managers are the Mapmakers

Truth: A course well-tread is one made by all those set out on it. The team vision is exactly that, a team mission, meaning everyone provides input and has buy-in. 

Myth: Performance management is scary

Truth: Sure, there is some truth in this one. But as with any skill, the more you provide constructive criticism and empathetic guidance to your team, the better you all become. 

Myth: My team ≠ my friends

Truth: The average full-time worker spends 2,080 hours annually on the job -- that’s a quarter of the year! Forging meaningful relationships develops necessary empathy.

Myth: Quarterly reviews are enough feedback

Truth: Those corporate-mandated scheduled sit-downs are simply check-ins for the books. Employee development is best served in the moment, everyday. 

Myth: It’s all about the metrics

Truth: Not everything about your team can be measured with a dashboard. Temper productivity goals with humanity -- your team aren’t robots, and neither are you. 

Myth: Motivation is one-size-fits-all

Truth: What encourages one employee may be an eye-roll for another. A key part of your role is navigating what makes each person tick and what gets them to really tock.

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