5 Myths about Remote and Hybrid Work

Are you still skeptical about remote work? Don't let these myths hold you back any longer.
March 1, 2023
Rachel LeBlanc

It’s been literally years since covid-19 sent many packing up their offices, with work going homebound. Meanwhile, study after study (after study…) has shown, on average, remote workers are more productive than they were in the office. Turns out, remote isn’t so bad! 

So, why is continuing forward still up for discussion? Well, there’s the interests of organizational leadership and external forces like shareholders and real-estate investors (aka those owning the now suddenly empty office spaces) at play as well. But, let’s consider some myths muddying up the matter: 

Myth: Remote workers are less productive

Truth: Performance data shows how not only are remote workers more productive, but why employers should be seizing the opportunity. Are there bad seeds who game the system? Sure, but they were doing that back in the office too.

Myth: Creative collaboration can’t happen remotely

Truth: Soon after covid-19 reared its head, a bumper crop of apps rose to the occasion to address this. Zoom’s a household name, but lesser known tools like Trelliswork are proving straightforward capabilities to connect and carry projects forward as well. 

Myth: Managers can’t effectively monitor remote reports

Truth: Much of these myths stems from managers lacking confidence and trust in their employees, despite the data showing they have nothing to fear. Managers simply need to be empowered with the means to adjust and be aligned with their teams in this era. 

Myth: Remote work requires more technical support

Truth: If, rather than embracing the new remote and hybrid work model as a forward-thinking opportunity, a company instead fights against it, then of course the infrastructure suffers and this myth becomes the truth. 

Myth: There are no remote jobs

Truth: 58% of the US workforce has some option to work remotely. *mic drop*

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