Roundtable: Creating More Collaborative Meetings and Giving Everyone an Opportunity to Speak

You'll never get lost in discussion, and everyone's voice will be heard with our most collaborative meeting feature yet.
May 24, 2023
Ben Parkison

“Who’s next?” “Has Mike gone yet?” “Okay, who’s going first?” It became an inside joke in our company meetings. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a tool that could solve this? Hey, someone should build that!” We’d been talking about Roundtable for months, and as soon as it made sense we decided to finally prioritize it and get it out the door. And the result shouldn’t be surprising: Roundtable is the feature that has clicked with people, got the most attention, and been the most enjoyable to use. Is it simple? Yes. It it fun, useful, and great for teams? Definitely.

Roundtable is a great example of a small feature that goes a long way. It’s something we’ve been cooking for a long time, and is a perfect example of why you make sure your product development process is built to listen to your user and not just build what you think the app needs next. Spoiler: Starting with the user pays off.

Add a Roundtable to one of your discussion topics today to start organizing and streamlining your team discussions.

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