Running Your Marketing Team Meeting

Ben Parkison
Ben Parkison
January 12, 2023
Running Your Marketing Team Meeting

Tasked with running an important meeting? Sure, anyone who’s had a career for longer than five minutes knows the gist of a “meeting” but do you really understand the assignment? Fortunately, we’ve assembled key factors to keep in mind for organizing the most informative meeting of them all, the Marketing Team Meeting: 

Essentially the face of the company, the Marketing Team has a plan, understands the plan, and continually aligns to the plan. It goes without saying then that frequent meetings are crucial, which is no problem for a team whose whole raison d'etre is communication. Make sure that communication is clear, not muddy, by putting data behind the wheel. It may change course, but if everyone is strapped in and ready to go, this meeting should put pedal to metal. 

The Setting: As with a Leadership Meeting, time is especially costly for the Marketing Team, who likely have blast deadlines to meet and outside contacts to greet. Be respectful and efficient. This team needs updates fresher than a plate of sushi to react quickly and adjust accordingly. A thorough yet concise slide deck is your friend. 

The Vibe: Did we already mention communication is king for this team? This starts with management, but pass the baton around the sharing circle. With a clear agenda in hand, check in with everyone’s projects to ensure tone and message are being met. Total alignment is the goal here.

The Nitty-Gritty: Emphasis on the “gritty”: really dig deep into your marketing KPIs -- yes, every time you meet. This team is operating off of real-world data, so focus on capturing and sharing every bit possible. The best way to learn if what you’ve built is resonating with your clients or audience is through accurately shared measurements. 

The Future: Reviewing those KPIs brings definitions to this team’s output and informs how to proceed. Encourage changing course as a good thing if things aren’t working; failure is an opportunity to improve, not an indictment. Everyone should walk away with a clear understanding of their action items and anticipated goals.

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