So You’re a Manager Now

Mike Nash
Mike Nash
November 21, 2022
So You’re a Manager Now

So, you’re a manager now -- alright! This new role comes with new responsibilities, but you are up for the challenge. We’ve assembled some guidance on taking stock of your new position, to inspire you in this new realm. Go with courage, you’ve got this!

Manage Expectations - Managing is a two-way street: while you guide your team, your own manager is guiding you. Schedule a 1:1 for yourself to set the right expectations for excellence. Having support from above allows you to give better support below. 

Help Wanted - Luke and Obi-Wan, Frodo and Gandalf, Arthur and Merlin. Like any good hero, you’ll need a mentor to continually show you the way as you journey into the World of Management. The obvious choice is your own manager, but do seek out multiple seasoned pros.

Warm Up - As with sex or baking, stepping into a management role is best done with some warming up first. A dossier isn’t required per se, but having a repository (like Trelliswork!) to collect intel on who’s who and what’s what from the outgoing manager, or other trusted source, will help you get off on a strong foot. 

Meet & Greet - Take stock of who your reports are directly, too, by sitting down with each of them one-on-one. Even if you’ve been promoted within, you’re now seeing each other in a new light, let it shine brightly to expose all the nooks and crannies of what makes you tick. 

Who Are You? - Yes, you’ve just been promoted to your first manager role, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to coast. Taking time to dream and scheme helps make sense of this big new step. Let your plan be a guiding star, pointing you toward the kind of manager you want to be. 

Clean Sweep - It’s time to Marie Kondo your work life. We’re not talking about your physical desk (though, not a bad idea either) but your attitudes and workload. Learn to delegate to your team tasks which no longer serve you as manager and clear out the mental clutter so you can move forward with the business of leading. 

Practice Not Knowing - You aren’t always going to know where you’re headed and that’s okay. You only just got on this path, there’ll be bumps and potholes ahead, and lots of referring back to those notes and guidelines you’ve been assembling. You may even have to say, “I don’t know” which is exactly what those mentors are for. 

Lead Confidently - With that said, you did land this promotion after all, so you obviously know a thing or two! Own it! With humility and open communication, you’re in the discovery zone which is an exciting place to be. Sharing your passion is inspiring. 

By establishing some groundwork now, you’re setting yourself and your team up for success. Having the right tools for the job means a lot more than an updated computer and a fresh notebook. Pinpoint who your people are and gain a clear understanding of what’s at hand, and keep in mind that you are only at the beginning.

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