Team Charter: Defining How Your Team Operates

Ben Parkison
Ben Parkison
December 15, 2022
Team Charter: Defining How Your Team Operates

Communication is the foundation that gets your team on solid footing. Without it, you’re on a slippery slope to implosion when the going gets tough. We’re talking equity here: by dedicating time to suss out and honor each team member’s needs, you’re truly able to succeed. You’re no longer just sharing office space and instead are a collective achieving common goals together. So make like kids on Santa’s lap and share your desires -- we’ve made a list and checked it twice to get you started:

What Do We Need to Succeed? Every carpenter needs a hammer and every plumber needs a wrench: consider your team’s objectives to identify what the must-haves are for you.   

How Do We Support Each Other? Being a team means having each other’s back and working within, not against, each person’s boundaries. Find out what greases everyone’s wheels to actively eliminate friction.  

How Do We Make Decisions? Operating as a Team means tackling new territory together, rather than as a group always following a manager’s decrees. How can everyone’s voice be heard and what makes sense for coming to an agreement, no matter the size of the issue?  

How Do We Celebrate? Turns out, boisterous happy hours at the local watering hole are not everyone’s idea of a good time. Buck the norm and craft a gathering special to the individuals in your team, by discussing and collaborating on celebrations together. 

How Do We Update Others? Carrier pigeon, Bat signal, telegram: these old-fashioned modes of communication are likely not suitable to connect with other teams, so sit down and hash out what does make sense for your channels. 

How Do We Support Other Teams? Identify where your team fits into the infrastructure of your organization and who else is relying on the solidity of the foundation you’re strengthening.  

What Do We Expect From Other Teams? Follow the lead of world diplomats and call your own G7 Summit: gather together with related teams to discuss commitments, agreements, and what it takes for you to collectively succeed.

The more you gather together to discuss the inner workings of your team, the easier it becomes. You start to get tactical about how exactly to operate at your highest caliber together. Suddenly, everyone is aligned, engaged, and happy with what they are achieving. And that is truly the best workplace accomplishment of them all.

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