Templates: One Click to Build Structure and Guidance for Your Team

Let Trelliswork's meeting agenda templates create the structure and guidance you need without the setup time. Choose the template that’s right for you, and automatically create a new meeting for any team or 1:1 at your organization.
July 31, 2023
Ben Parkison

For a long time at Trelliswork we've been thinking about how we give managers the right tools to add intentionality and collaboration into how they plan, run, and document their time together with their team- without addling a huge administrative burden to the manager. The results have been even more awesome than we expected. Today, Trelliswork sets managers up with the flexible features they need to make any team or 1:1 meeting more efficient, aligned, and engaged.

We've always had a next step in mind: What does that look like, at scale, both for the manager (in all of their teams and 1:1s) as well as across the organization. A key part of that is meeting templates. Now, managers can use Trelliswork to quickly deploy templated meeting agendas to any meeting: Manager/report syncs, scrum ceremonies, product and design team rituals, and more. In addition to standard meeting activities, each template comes with guidance and tips for each activity to support both new and experienced managers.

The result is the opportunity to streamline the setup of a more engaged, collaborative space for every one of your teams to thrive (including ad-hoc teams!), as well as a means to create organizational standards on how your managers build and run great teams.

Use Trelliswork meeting templates today, and let us know what you think!

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