What Are Teams For

Ben Parkison
Ben Parkison
February 15, 2023
What Are Teams For

Teammates -- they’re there with you for so much more than exchanging eyerolls (or sending snarky Slacks) during yet another unnecessary meeting. Being a part of a team is an invaluable part of your career journey. Not simply a bunch of individual contributors on a shared project, a team’s best function is as a source of motivation, passion, and community. Let’s see how:  

  • Teams are support networks. You’ve gotten to know each other on a level to where priorities and needs are adjusted for your collective achievement. No script required.
  • Teams are aligned. More than the sum of its parts, a team is pumped and ready to tackle shared objectives. Teammates approach problems together to get things done.

  • Teams share values. Boundaries are set and clear, utilized as guideposts toward the goal. Clear communication gets us all there.

  • Teams have trust. Rather than operating passively, a team has open channels for constructive feedback, pulling each other up. No issue is too big or too small.

  • Teams set operation norms. No one works in a vacuum, and a deeper connection to what you’re actually doing happens with a team to bounce off ideas and techniques.

  • Teams inspire. On-board rather than plain bored -- when you’re engaged within a group, creativity flourishes through collaboration.

  • Teams establish culture. Organizations are composed of departments who bring their specific superpowers and flavors to the table, creating the company character.

  • Teams celebrate -- and reevaluate. At each milestone, large and small, a team acknowledges the work put in. And are supportive despite the inevitable mistake.

Teams are awesome! Communication, a clear roadmap of culture and values, and putting everyone’s abilities together to achieve higher are impactful aspects of being a part of a group. How can you start to approach your own in a more meaningful way? 

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