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Trelliswork is the operational platform that gives teams the tools they need to put business strategy in motion. Whether you're running a Business Operating System, managing OKRs, or just getting started, Trelliswork helps you go further, faster.


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Business Strategy Design System

Bridge the gap between leadership strategy and team operations

At Trelliswork we have seen and read most of the popular books on business systems. Not any one of them are exactly right or wrong. Most are selling a vision of repeatable routines that simplify decision making and make sure you are attacking the right problem at the right time. Here is our own simplified take on how to design a system that works for you.

Cast the vision

Problem we’re solving & why it matters
Who we’re solving it for
Why us & why now
Business objectives

Set your goals

Goals establish larger strategic objectives, and they help ensure the business is headed in a single direction. Everyone needs visibility to the company goals, all the time. Anyone should be able to raise a flag against a goal at any time. If goals aren’t clear, they’re not good enough.

Build your routines

How you run your team is up to you, but you need a routine. Routines communicate intention, they clarify direction, and they help everyone on the team understand what’s expected of them. Accountability starts with good routines, and leaders need to instill these in the everyday operations of their business. They don’t come for free - you need to build them. They can be meetings, async updates, or regular rituals that add structure to your work.

Stay on topic

Topics are the bread and butter of Trelliswork. These are the objects you populate throughout the week with context, notes, decisions, action items, and they serve as the connective tissue between strategy and the work before the work.Topics aren’t a knowledge base. They’re a decision graph, and they work the way you think, not the way you search. When decisions are made in the context of a topic, they retain the information and prior collaboration that’s taken place to that point in time. Topic threads help prevent operational chaos. They keep teams from rehashing the same conversation.

Measure what matters

If you’re not measuring, you’re not on track. Every single person needs something they can measure that tracks to the Goals or Initiatives they’ve committed to. Without a measurable, progress is subjective, and discipline gets sloppy.

Make it visible

You need to share what you’re up to. This isn’t big brother. This is accountability. Leaders especially need to prioritize this above all else. The act of making work and priorities visible are an instant feedback loop into whether your goal setting and direction are right. When goals aren’t clear, the task of sharing what you’re working on gets harder - because you don’t know…


Example Routines

What do we mean when we are talking about setting your routines....

Team Routines


Leadership Routines


Operation Routines


Personal Routines


Different Business Operating Systems supported

Trelliswork supports various Business Operating Systems, including OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), among others. These systems provide a framework for setting and tracking strategy, aligning teams, and driving results. With Trelliswork, you can easily define and monitor your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), capture action items, and keep your leadership teams on track and aligned. Whether you're looking for a comprehensive system like EOS or a lighter tool to keep track of your strategy, Trelliswork is the perfect solution. Share your strategy with your teams and ensure seamless execution to achieve your business goals.

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