Transforming How We Work

Trelliswork’s mission is to empower today’s leaders with tools to build high performing organizations that people love to work for.

Strategy and Operations Belong Together

Trelliswork set out to build a platform that let organizational strategy and everyday team operations live in the same place.

Why? Because we’ve seen otherwise great companies fail because they put strategy in a silo, and then never put in place the operational tools that help their teams stay aligned, on track, and connect.

Nothing makes it easy to connect leadership strategy and team level execution in a way that actually matters. This leaves your team leaders scrambling and everyone else disconnected and disaffected.

We know there’s a better way because we have lived it.

This is our jam

We're operational leaders across product, engineering, and design teams - builders at heart.

Mike Nash

Mike is passionate about creating high performing, intentional organizations rooted in people and data

Ben Parkison

Ben loves the challenge of hard problems that are worth solving, and building the solutions that crack them

Sam Melancon

Sam thrives on building teams people love to work for and products people love to use

What we believe

Strategy is more than a slide deck and progress is more than a weekly status report

Team managers are the glue that are holding your organization - and that you need to empower them

Good teams are worth more than the sum of their parts

The more clear, up-to-date communication channels across an organization the better

How a team works is as important as what the work is - great team operations builds awesome, connected, high performing teams.