Introducing Trelliswork

Mike Nash
Mike Nash
May 17, 2022
Introducing Trelliswork

Earlier this year, we launched Trelliswork to give leadership teams and employees the tools they need to optimize their rituals and stay aligned through growth.

In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in HR tech, employee engagement, and performance management solutions trying to address greater productivity and workplace connectivity. However, the workforce now reports being less engaged and connected than ever before.

Something’s wrong.

What we’ve experienced are companies trying to drive growth strategies in rapidly evolving business environments without providing the organizational clarity required to keep employees aligned and engaged. When you’re small and growing this problem is magnified, because the frequency of change is higher. And simply absorbing the cost of a misaligned workforce is a direct threat to survival.

When teams lack clarity on the path forward and struggle to understand how they fit into the bigger picture, it places an operational debt on everyone’s shoulders. What companies fail to recognize is that the size of this debt is staggering — to the tune of over $500B/yr lost in productivity, and growing. Unfortunately, too many companies assign blame to the output signals they can measure (engagement, job satisfaction, etc), the problem gets misdiagnosed, misalignment prevails, and around it goes.

Today’s workforce wants purpose, meaning, involvement, and belonging — they want their actions to matter.

We’ve lived through these challenges as founders, as managers, and as employees over the years. We’ve experienced first hand (in big companies and small) the constant effort needed to adapt business strategy while still keeping teams aligned and engaged. And what our teams needed wasn’t better employee engagement or HR processes — they needed more meaningful ways to connect themselves to company objectives, organizational design, and company strategy. Today’s workforce wants purpose, meaning, involvement, and belonging — they want their actions to matter.

We think it’s time to meet the challenge.

Trelliswork is setting out to build simple tools that help companies build successful organizational strategies while reinforcing clarity, alignment, and engagement for their teams every step of the way. Backed by the organizational analytics to measure what matters, founders and functional leaders are then equipped to make better growth decisions and monitor the health of a high performing workforce.

In today's workforce, purpose, meaning, involvement, and belonging are key requirements. It’s time to build a new breed of workplace tech. We're here to take on the challenge.

We’re just getting started. Join us.

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